General Body: The BLLF is governed by the General Body which is an elected forum of 15 members amongst the members of the organization. The General Body consists on male female brick kiln workers with appropriate number of minorities, christens. The general body is the decision making body which elects executive members/ office bearers, approves annual budget, annual report, elect executive members and do made the policies and take the key decision of the organization.   Executive Committee: General Body elects executive committees, consisting on seven office bearers, to implement the project goals and objectives and undertake activities.   The executive committee consists on the following office bearer:
  • President
  • Senior Vice President
  • V. President
  • General Secretary
  • Finance Secretary
  • Press Secretary
  • Joint Secretary
  Program Manager Mahar Safdar Ali   Legal Aid Cell Bonded Labour Liberation Front Pakistan comprise on fulltime and partime following Lawyers:
  • Syed Ayaz Hussain Advocate
  • Naik Muhammad Advocate
  • Mrs. Fozia Advocate
  • Ms. Sayeeda Sajidah Tubasum Advocate
  • Hafiz Ansar ul Haq
  • Zulifqar Dhudhee
  • Faisal Malik Buttar
  Medical Aid Cell:
  • Dr. Asharf Nizami, President Pakistan Medical Association
  • Dr. Mohai Ud Din, Sir. Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore
  • Dr. Tayyab Abbass, Associate Professor Jinnah Hospital Lahore
  • Dr. Tauqeer Akhtar. Pathologist ,Cinlab Faisal town Lahore
  • Dr. Abid Nazir,  Associate Professor Jinnah Hospital Lahore
  Source of Income: The source of income of the Organization will include membership fee, monthly subscriptions, donations, grants ,etc. the Organization will utilize its money, property and income solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Organization and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly by way of divided, bonus or profit to the members of the board of the Organizations and or their