Share Raam

Share Raam

Share Ram asharmand his family were working under forced labor at the brick kiln of Rehmat Pervez situated in Pind Rakhwalay, Saray Mughal Patoki District Kasur. On demand of official wages violence and brutal treatment at the hand of employer was a routine matter. One-day share Raam managed his escape and went to Saadiqabad District Raheem Yarkhan and started his earning at the furnace of one Muhammad Aslam.  The brick kiln owners’ association Kasur utilized its network totrap Share Raam back into forced labor.With the help of Safdar wariach, the President Brick Kiln Owners’ Association District Saadiqabad, on 28.8.2016 Rehmat Pervez along his armed fellows abducted share Raam when he was at work at the furnace in Saadiqabad. KrishanRaam (the brother of Share Raam) approached to an organization of Haidraabad, Province Sindh, Green Rural Development organization(GRDO). GRDO referred him to Bonded Labor Liberation Front(BLLF) Lahore,Punjab for the release of Share Raam.

sharma_1On 3.9.2016 the brother of share Raam named Krishan Raam submitted an application to Bonded Labor Liberation Front (BLLF) Pakistan to seek legal aid and shelter. On 3.9.2016 Krishan Ramm preferred an application before Regional Police Kasur for the recovery of his brother Share Raam but in vain. Having no relief from police high ups of, on 6.9.2016, the legal aid cell of BLLF preferred a writ petition No.11728-H-16 Lahore High Court. On 7.9.2016, the honorable judge ordered to the SHO of Saray Mughal for the production of the abductee Share Raam. The SHO claimed that share Raam is required by police for the crime of abduction under section 496-A PPC.However honorable judge order to produce Share Ram first on 8.9.2016 d later to investigate his crime if any.

On 8.9.2016 the honorable judge was on holyday so on 9.9.2016 the judge ordered to the District Police Officer (DPO) Kasur for the production of the Share Ram. Same day petitioner Krishan Ram along with the legal aid team of BLLF went to the office of DPO Kasur but DPO was not in his office and after waiting for him till evening they submitted the copy of court’s order to the reader to DPO. The reader told them to come again on 19.9.2016 after ‘Eid Holidays. After Eidapplicant went to DPO Kasur daily from 19.9.2016 to 26.9.2016 but DPO was not found in office.

Having no relief from police even after high court’s order,on27/9/2016, to seek justice,Krishan Raam posted an application to the Chief Justice of Supreme court of Pakistan for sue moto notice. Honorable chief justice supreme court of Pakistan deputed session judge Kasur for the investigation of the case.

Meanwhile on 8.10.2016, once againKrishan Raam preferred another writ petition No. 31752/2016in the High Court. On 1o.10.2016, the honorable judge once again ordered to SHO Saray Mughal for the production of abductee.On 19.10.2016, police produced Sher Raam into high court. High court released the Share Ram   and ordered to join the investigation of fake FIR under section 496-A PPC by local police. On the basis of insufficient evidence during investigation local police found Sher ram innocent so that FIR No.371/216 against Share Raam was disposed of.

This is how the brick kiln mafia registers fake cases against the victims of forced labor who try to break the shackles of bondage. It is only because of the intervention of high court, supreme court and determination of petitioner and BLLF’s legal aid cell that Share Ram has been declared innocent against the fake charge of abduction and got his freedom. However,rehabilitation of Share Raam, the issues of, three months of severe violence, mental torture, humiliation which Share Raam suffered in illegal confinement of brick kiln ownerare still need to be addressed. There is another question about many more Share Rams in the clutches of brick kiln mafia who could not access to justice either because of ignoranceof law, insufficient resources or corruption.

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