Freedom Centers

Present Freedom Campus:

At present Bonded Labor Liberation Front Pakistan is running “Freedom Center at 4-A Lawrence Road Lahore. This freedom center is placed nearest to the Lahore High Court Lahore and has residing capacity of more than ten families at once along with a conference room and capacity building hall. It is most recognized, well known and safe heaven for workers all over Pakistan. However, there was a dire need of more space and extended facilities for the proper rehabilitation of workers to get them out not only from physical but also from mental servitude.

Freedom Centers in progress:

After getting funds raised through “HONY”, BLLF Pakistan held a strategic planning meeting with multi-stakeholders and made comprehensive plane for best use of resources and to maximize benefits. Thus BLLF Pakistan planned a model “Freedom Center” that not only cater all requirements for rehabilitation but also provide institutional support to researchers and academia from across the world. The salient features of the rehabilitation centers are as under

  1. Legal Aid  for freedom and protection
  2. Temporary shelter
  3. Counseling for freedom from mental servitude
  4. Medical First Aid
  5. Legal education on women rights, human rights and labor rights
  6. Turning victims into activist
  7. Alternative skills training and Job placement
  8. Small grants for rehabilitation
  9. Follow up  for future protection and socio economic
Structure: The freedom centre is structured on 25500 feet to cater all requirements of release and rehabilitation of centre for the brick kiln workers. The salient features of the freedom centre are:
  1. Shelter for more than 28 families ( 5 x 28 ) at once
  2. Community hall + conference centre capacity of 400 delegates
  3. Dispensary
  4. Primary school
  5. Play area for kids + recreational activities
  6. Skill development centre
  7. Dining hall
  8. Mechanized brick making unite
  9. Library Research Centre
  10. Employees residences
Locations: First Freedom Centre in Lahore District fcd_1