BLLF is believes that the bonded labour system can be totally eradicated through collaborative efforts of all stakeholders. Therefore, BLLF-Pakistan is a part of a number of national movements, networks and coalitions to supplement assists and support the different efforts. Following is the summery of such associations and networks.  Enjoys the support of various peace, women and human rights, art and cultural and workers organizations and networks within and outside Pakistan. It has a large body of volunteer activists, intellectuals and academics informing the agenda of BLLF:
S.No. Organization Areas of Activities
1 National Coalition against Bonded labour, Research & Advocacy
2 Human Right Commission of Pakistan Research & Advocacy
3 South Asia Partnership Pakistan Lobbing &  advocacy
4 Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and research. Technical and educational  Support
5 Action Aid Research & Advocacy
6 SPARC Child and bonded labour rights
7 Legal aid service unit Govt Punjab Release and rehabilitation of Bonded Labourers.
8 Hari Mazdoor Tanzeem Lobbing & Advocacy
9 Anjuman Mazaraen Punjab Lobbing & Advocacy
10 Anjuman Asiaye Awam Lobbing & Advocacy Peace and harmony
11 Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum Lobbing & Advocacy
12 Church world service. Lobbing & Advocacy
13 Insan Foundation Trust Lobbing & Advocacy
14 International Trade Union Federation Lobbing & Advocacy
15 Alliance against sexual harassment at work place Lobbing & Advocacy
16 SAPPE, International Lobbing & Advocacy
17 Global Call To Action Against Poverty(GCAP) Lobbing & Advocacy
18 Provincial law committee on bonded labour Lobbing & Advocacy/ Release and Rehabilitation
19 Institute of social sciences, Lobbing & Advocacy
20 Pakistan social forum. Lobbing & Advocacy