Legal Status It is non profit organization registered under voluntary social welfare agencies Registration and control ordinance 1961(XLVI of 1961. Dated 09 December 1990. Thirty five years of struggle: Right from its beginning, (BLLF) has been struggling very hard to combat this menace. The scale of this issue may be well imagined as owners have not only muscles powers but they enjoyed political clout in the corridors of power. To combat all these, (BLLF) had to adopt a multi dimension strategy which it continues to follow unrelentingly. However in this course of time, new modalities were adopted to cause dent on this issue. These are outlined as under:
To identify bonded labour in various sectors of economy, their release and rehabilitation. BLLF adopted two method i.e. direct intervention and through courts.
To address the related issues i.e.
Legislation new laws and implementation of the existing laws according to bonded labour abolition system act 1992 and rules 1995.
Free and compulsory primary education to all children
Implementation of announced minimum wage strictly.
To bring all Boned Laborer in the fold of social security, EOBI
Provision of marriage and death grant from the workers welfare funds to avoid the (peshgi) advances.s
To carry out awareness campaign against this cruel system in the areas having large number of bonded labour and child labour.
To organize Regional and National seminar on bonded labour and child labour to highlight the plight of this poor lot and to design measures to mitigate their miserable condition.
Made liaison with the international organisation for the eradication of the bonded labour in Pakistan and currently BLLF enjoying the good relation with couple of well reputed and concerned organisation.

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