FREEDOM DAY Famous historical and renowned decision of supreme court of Pakistan in favor of bonded labour.

Decision of the chief justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan on 18th September 1988, outlawed bonded labour, cancelled all existing bonded debts, and forbade lawsuits for the recovery of existing debts. In resulted The Bonded Labour (Abolition) System Act 1992 adopted by the legislative assembly.

The provincial governments, which are responsible for enforcing the law, have failed to establish enforcement mechanisms. Hence, the law is largely ineffective. The landlords have had strong hold on local Govt administration, police and politicians in Pakistan.

Bonded Labour Liberation Front Pakistan( BLLF)  celebrate this historical decision as  Freedom Day every years .  every year we raise the voices against the crucial role of establishment and feudal lords of the Pakistan who don’t want to allowed any citizen to live with justice and peace, violence against women harassment at work place and discrimination with the women is highly observed in the brick kiln women workers the most effective of the debt is women worker, she face all kind of circumstances by all means through domestic and state violence, our struggle to empower the women will be encouraged through these exhibition rally and seminars on the Freedom Day.

It is a continued effort to promote the issue in the  public ,Bonded labour liberation front Pakistan  present Exhibition of Photos and  Paintings ,Seminars and rallies   on the life of bonded labour and struggle of the workers and BLLF through   which  got tremendous results , through which we attract a very huge  and massive attention of the public for the eradication of   bonded labour issues.