It will be of interest to mention our achievements and persistent efforts being made in this direction.

Against all odds, (BLLF) has achieved the release of over 80,000 bonded Pakistan from the shackles of slavery.  From January 1988 up to May 2009, men, women and children from all provinces of Pakistan. They belong to different sectors like agriculture, brick kiln, and carpet industries. 45% of them were children, 25% of them were women and 30% were men. These bonded workers were freed through Habeas Corpus applications, which were filed in High Courts as well as with the intervention of the concerned authorities,

Hence, in presence of the bonded labor system, release without a comprehensive rehabilitation program; was a temporary relief which turned the much strict system in some what mild where the shape of bondage from iron shekels turned into different forms. The carpet industry, foot ball stitching, surgical instruments and shoe making industry shifted into cottage industry. Most of the released families settled in the near vicinity of brick kilns and had been participating in the activities under the aegis of BLLF.

2. BLLF has successfully advocated for an increase in wages for Bonded Labourers, in the minimum wage board and Wages have increased from Rs.200 to Rs.1036 per one thousand regular bricks. in a span of 8 years ,
3. BLLF has a unique set up  release and rehabilitation center in the heart of the Lahore Called Freedom Campus the only one in Pakistan , the place where released laborer got shelter till their rehabilitation, for the propose a consoling team provide awareness and guidance.
4. Legal aid through very competent and renowned lawyers provided to the bonded laborer.
5. Through its wise and continues efforts a coalition was established in 2004 (National Coalition against Bonded labour) and BLLF hold  secretariat and  is executive member of (NCABL).
6. BLLF established its organizational set up in the concerned area with communities around Kilns  like   parents committees, ombudsman,  animators ,Rakhwalays etc
7. The consistence pressure makes Government to established National commission on bonded labour in 2001. In the result of three days campaign of BLLF, Punjab Government police department
8. Issued notification to all police stations to stop the registrations of false cases against the bonded labor in 2006.
9. The Federal Government compelled to revise the bonded labour abolition system act 1992 and going to amend it the recommendation are already submitted.
10. With the continue effort of advocacy through demonstrations, rallies seminar and consultation, the issue is not unheard now and it is in all levels of consideration both public and Governments.
11. Supreme Court Pakistan took Sou Moto  and ordered to the Government of Pakistan to registered brick kiln and their workers to get the all entitlements like social security cards EOBI etc.
12. BLLF has established 50 members  groups on 50 brick kilns with  paid membership in district Kasur,

These achievements appreciated both by foreign and Pakistani dignitaries. And now workers feel confident to open a new vista of life for themselves and their families, a dignified life under their own leadership and organization.